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Kill those annoying pop ups while surfing

Perris Calderon

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Hey jak...welcome to this board

there are more effective pop up stoppers for free.

try adsheild, first post on the free programs thread


Bow Down to the King
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Personally, I use SMASHER (www.popupstop.com). It has other features besides stopping popup ads (which can be configured to allow popups from sites). It also blocks cookies (can be configured to allow cookies from your favorite sites) and stops web bugs (1x1 images that can track your movement on the web).

See http://www.privacyfoundation.org/resources/glossary.asp#Web Bug for information.

Some newer features included is the ability to stop those floating (Java) ads and flash ads. And you can set SMASHER up to filter content. The latest versions also include a one click updater that automatically updates to the latest version.

Over all, I highly recommend you at least trying SMASHER. Ken, the author, puts countless hours of work into it. Give it a try, and if you like it, it's only like $20 with free updates for life (last I knew anyway).


Originally posted by gonaads
He's new, let him talk. :)

To bad he's a NY Giants fan and not a "Frisco" Giants fan... Go NINERS! :p
If you mean baseball Giants, as in SF Giants I am for them all the way to the WS trophy.


Originally posted by gonaads
Ooooh Fudge! There's the other one. :p
Thanks, so we have another Gints fan on this board. :)

Come baseball season and the Yanks logo comes up will you still have nice things to say about My choice of teams. :confused:

Have a good weekend.

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