'Kill switch' dropped from Vista

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Microsoft is to withdraw an anti-piracy tool from Windows Vista, which disables the operating system when invoked, following customer complaints.

The so-called "kill switch" is designed to prevent users with illegal copies of Vista from using certain features.


this bit made me laugh

Microsoft has described the new approach as a "change of tactics". It said efforts to tackle piracy had seen numbers of fake copies of Vista at half the level of XP, the previous Windows operating system.

thats because half the people are still using XP because they dont want to use vista :D


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XP rules! :p

Now come to think of it, didn't MicroSquish try something like this with XP and also changed it's mind?


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There's still Genuine Dis"Advantage" I believe they got rid of the uber annoying Genuine Notification thingy. It was forced out as a "critical" update and would bother you at startup about validating your windows install even after it was validated something like every three days or such.

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