Kill Bill Vol.2 **spoilers**

the master died because he pissed daryl off, and he thought he got the better of her...the poison worked pretty good against the master, and in the end, she got the best of him, daryl uses resources others don't concider

she plays outside the rules

I think she's still around
Speaking of additional installments, read my previous post if you haven't yet.

I agree that it's possible Daryl is still alive, and Bill as well... but I lean towards them both being dead and Uma's revenge being completed. I lean in that direction because of what Tarantino has said in interviews. Otherwise he is intending to keep the idea secret, and he's already mentioned the possibility of another one in 15 years or so.
I'm just thrwoing things out there because tarlantino is weird and loves to surprise people.

seriously, I don't think ther'lll be other installments till he runs out of work, but if he does run out of work, there will be no holds barred

I remember after ricky 2 or 3, I forget, stallone guaranteed it was his last.

I made a huge bet that another rocky would be announced within five years, and so it was.

franchises are too important to forsake, they are money in the bank, and the resource is tapped when neccessary

I mean seriously, as far as writing goes, even the master doesn't have gto be dead either, just because daryl thinks he's dead doesn't mean it's so.

this movie is supposed to be over the top, that's tarrantinos style.

in the matrix movie, I said neo couldn't be the savior of mankind because there was too much of a biblical allusion set up and though the allusion were deliberatly presented, and demonstrated neo was in legue with the matrix, though not on purpose

this movie has no referance for me to base any opinion on...all I'm doing is having fun speculating.

yes, I did read your post muzikkol, and I totally agree that child will be important in the franchise.

I think she will kill uma in the end, and then umas child will have her revenge, with daryl being the instigator/teacher

either bill or daryl has to be alive for that scenario to work, and I tend toward both

something along those lines
perris said:
either bill or daryl has to be alive for that scenario to work, and I tend toward both

something along those lines

You present a good point there. Should be interesting...

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