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KGB Archiver - Impressive


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But it's text. Who has a 430 MB text file? :p Unless you plan on downloading wikipedia...

Something like a jpeg or an mp3 is already compressed so the benefits for that are negligible.


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Unless you do a lot of text, the file itself is relatively small only 958kb. the requirements though preclude this on an older computer.

the bonus here would be for transfers.
warez groups use UHA on the rip releases to get 100+ meg files down to a few meg.. would be cool if you could transmit ntfs sparse file's as the sparse streams themselves though :)

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Well I tried it on my laptop which is powerful but not enough. I would have to try it on my deskop but it has Vista so I dunno if I wanna try it.


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Yeah, wouldn't want to try a final version of software on a beta OS :p

Just kidding ;) When I get my RAM in tomorrow I may play with this a little.


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Technically, I can write a program to shrink a 1 gig file to 1k - just don't expect to be able to expand it afterwards :)


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I heard of programs like this. they compress alright, but don't decompress very well. I'll test it out and see how it does ..


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I tried this on a exe file. I doesn't hardly compress it no matter what setting you use. The file was 34.01 meg. After compression it was 34 meg even. Nothing about it impresses me so far.

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