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Keyboard repair



What is the best lubricant to use on keyboard keys .... i used this one type of lubricant and every freakin key stuck doen when i pushed it :mad: ... my bad

so whats the best lubricant to use ? (on keyboards) :p

Kind Regards
Steve [ Sh|te ]
Lubricant?? Why use lubricant at all? I've never even heard of anyone doing that. Just take the keyboard apart and wash the keys to get rid of it and any other gunk (dust, dog hairs, sticky beverages). Let dry well and reassemble. As good as new!


Steve, I think you need a new keyboard if you need lubricant to make the keys move :p

Just clean all the keys separately like Zedric suggested. If that doesn't work, I think something is seriously wrong with your keyboard :D


As funny as this sounds, Vaseline is a good lubricant. Although you may actually wanna give a water based a go so that the plastic doesn't get eaten away.

Use the lube on the shaft so that it slides into the hole easier (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... okay so i'm being serious here but it just sounds so dirty!!!!)

If you can read the above 2 paragraphs with a clean mind, vaseline or a water based lube will make your keys slide in a lot easier, less noise, less RSI =P
while your cleaning your keyboard, why not take this time to customize it.. lightly sand it with 120 grit sand paper, and spray it the color of your choice. throw in some neon string lights under the keys, and wow, 20 bucks later, you have a super clean, custom keyboard.

or change the color of the LEDS..

just an idea.. i've got too many floating around, i had to let one out.
You NEVER lubricate a keyboard. Lubricant collects dirt dust etc and will turn into grinding compound or glue.

Buy a new keyboard.

BTW use alcohol or ammonia to clean it. Water can cause corrosion problems and won't remove all the dirt.

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