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Keyboard problems

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Errrrrr my son's keyboards become discombobulated.
Everytime he types a letter 3 appear instead....eg,if he types say the letter f , something like sfg appears.
Any idea what he's done???? And how to fix it??? :confused:

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Nowt's happened to it (well that what he's telling me).
It was fine one minute then he used photoshop and when he went to a forum and tried to type it was all fluffed up :confused:

Look's like I'm buying him a new one????
I had a USB keyboard that did the same thing, only mine type whatever was two letters away, like "a" became "ad" or "da". You could try cleaning it, but you're more than likely going to end up doing what you were thinking--buying him a new one.

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Thanks guy's.
I found the problem.I opened it and guess what???? It was full of coke :mad: But oh no he didn't spill anything,guess it was the mischievous poltergeist again :rolleyes:

If it was knackered I was buying him one from Maplins for £4.99 :D
£4.99 :eek: thats dear!! £2.00 for a keyboard, two minutes from my front door... well more like 10 minutes but not far...

did you through the keyboard in the bath?


because at the time no one was sure whether it was an actual hardware problem or whether it was the keyboard itself. Like EM said her son didnt do anything... god I love that excuse. used it many times myself.

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