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i have a problem with the ENTER key including the one on the numkeys..problem is that i cant use the enter key after 20 mins of using my pc...when i press enter..nothing happens...i bought a new keyboard but still the same problem...can please anyone help me? :mad: :confused:


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What is your OS? Are you using a wireless keyboard? Are you using extra drivers besides the default drivers (for multimedia keys etc)?


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im using windows xp,and its not a chordless keyboard, & im not using extra drivers besides the default drivers.... this problem started after i reformatted my pc..


have you tried to use another keyboard maybe your current one is shot and needs to be replaced??


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no, you should try booting into safe mode, and use it like that for a while. if it keeps working for an hr. then you have a program this is loading that is remapping the enter button, sometimes that can be a virus or trojan. Or just some sort of prank


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Do you have a car? If so securely place your keyboard under one of your tires and move forward, hopefully your car is powerful enough to send the keyboard soaring doing extra damage.

(Note: This will not solve your problem but it will provide fun and make you feel like less of a slave to your PC)
wtf i just had this problem. when i read this post i really thought this was my thread. lol holly ****. anyway i just updated stuff on my PC and restarted and i haven't had the problem for over 5 days now :)
btw I ddidn't even know what was the problem. I just tried reconnecting, downloading stuff and restarting and hoping it would work and finally one day i realized it did. Also, what keyboard do you have? If you have the same one as me (Microsoft intelliype or w/e) then maybe you should download the drivers and such

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