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Hi Guys,

I am testing some software at work and we have found an issue with a new version. Our software
uses a keyboard filter to control the windows keyboard. For certain reasons during a upgrade this crashes the windows keyboard. This issue is being addressed by developers. When this happens customers who have to do Ctrl-Alt-Del to login can not get in - even in safe mode. We have been sorting the issue by getting them to do Last Known Good Configuration. For a few customers this did not work but we were able to get in using terminal services.

If a customer does not have terminal services switched on and Last Know Good Config does not work, is there still a way to gain access to their PC without repairing the installation?

To sort the problem we need to access the registry and change one key. Is there any way access the registry without logging in? Don’t forget we cant access their machine beforehand to change permissions to allow remote registry access.

Hope someone can help me out!

Thanks in advance


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Neither PS/2 or USB keyboards require special drivers with Windows 2000, XP, or 2003. If in fact rebooting the computer does not fix the keyboard issue I would suggest unplugging the keyboard, plugging it back in, and rebooting.


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What is the key in the registry that you are playing with? That may provide more information as to what the root cause is.


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There are 4 tools I came across recently to access/modify the registry without being able to boot into windows. They all require setting the computer bios to boot from CD, local physical access and some competency on the part of the user.

Winternals is probably the safest.

The others are based on a boot from CD Linux Kernel and tools that can access and modify the registry on a FAT 32 or NTFS formatted HD. Working with NTFS partitions from Linux is always a sporty proposition.

Knoppix and Astrunami were two of the other tools. I forget the name of the 4th. Bad things happened with the 0.92 version of Astrunami and I would not risk it even with the 1.2 version that is now available.


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The value UpperFilters is usually set to 'kbdclass'. Our software creates a .sys file in system32/drivers and adds more data to this registry value. Between versions our developers have changed the filter driver slightly and machines that install the new version while having bits of the old driver remaining get this issue.

The key to sorting the keyboard is to restore this reg value to its windows default but if we can't get into the machines we cant do this!!


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