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Kernel memory leaks, any ideas?

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
OK, this is a new one; and I've had winXP since it was known as Windows Whistler back in beta 1 (was an MSDN professional subscriber at the time). In fact nothing about this has made sense.

Anyhow, since having upgraded my computer (now have an Athlon 64 and new motherboard, along with a new HSF and PSU to go with it) and got rid of the failing mobo that I had; I had formated and set everything up. All was well at first; but then I took a second hard drive which I had part of the swapfile on (split between 2 SCSI drives then) and my data directory on; and decided to set it aside for a Linux partition.

So I reset the swapfile settings to take it off this drive, and move the cumulative totals I had split between 2 drives onto the main system drive. I then moved the data directory over to the main system drive, and then re-pointed various programs (such as Outlook Express, Mozilla, and the like) to look there for their store folders, rather then on the old drive. Afterewards I rebooted, and partitioned/installed Linux on the second drive.

Comming back to Windows, things went weird however, and have remained somewhat weird (though it's a bit better now). Basically the kernel memory (and the problem is with the paged kernel memory) has grown. Latter that day (first boot), the system slowed to a crawl, and developed problems as paged kernel memory usage hit 127.5 MB or so according to Task Manager. It through up a STOP 0xc000009a which was in my event log the next morning.

OK, so it was reaching an upper limit here, and getting close to it system performance has tended to slow to a crawl. The instances have grown less (I might go several weeks now before seeing it, rather then hours, but it's still there). When this happens, one work unit I'm doing for one of the distributed computing projects I'm running tends to get trashed too, and not too good a thing as it's like 800+ hours of computation time; and there system responds by restricting the number of WUs I can pull...

Huh? This is a new one here...

System specs:

- Athlon 64 3500+ (Venice core)
- MSI Neo2-F (nForce 3 chipset)
- 512 MB Corsair XMS2400 CAS 2.0 (Yes I know, but I didn't have money to upgrade the RAM with the rest of the system, so it's the old RAM...)
- Radeon 9600
- Adaptec SCSI card 29160
- 2 Seagate Cheetahs (one u2w and the other Ultra 160 SCSI)
- misc drives
- Intel fast ethernet NIC (as Windows wouldn't play with the nForce's integrated NIC and let me online, albeit Linux played with it just fine)...

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