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Kerio Personal Firewall 4.0.2 Released


Version 4.0.2 (29.8.2003)
+ Czech and English language versions of context help. User can choose appropriate version in “Preferences->Context help language” combobox.

Version 4.0.1 (26.8.2003)
- fixed web filter bugs

+ ActiveX blocking

Version 4.0.0 (18.8.2003)
> Completely new and more friendly Administration console
> Web filtering
- advertisement blocking
- pop-up/pop-under windows blocking
- blocking private info in http traffic
- blocking cookies, JavaScripts, VB scripts, referrals
- better statistics of traffic, attacks and blocking actions (pop-up, ads, ..)
> Intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS)
> System security module - possible to affect starting, modifying and launching other applications
> Guard dial-up connections and dial-up numbers (against dangerous dialers)
> Context help
> Fast user switching support (on Windows XP)

Update your copies now, people :)
You can download it at www.kerio.com/dwn/kpf4-en-win.exe or check for updates from KPF admin.

MD5 hash of the package:
07735e3158982de3db43eec66aeac3f5 kerio-pf-4.0.2-en-win.exe

Release notes (differant to yours!)

Changes since RC3:
- fixed gui crash after log clearing
- fixed gui crash resolving DNS on bubble alert
- fixed bugs in web filter
- web filter binds traffic originating from browser only
- fixed alert crashing
- fixed opening advanced filter rule while the station is locked (Win+L)
- fixed deletion of IP groups
- fixed update wizard
- fixed bug in web POST method
- fixed bug in multiple cookie forwarding
+ registration directly from product
+ activeX blocking (, , tags)
+ Czech and English language versions of context help. User can choose appropriate version in "Preferences->Context help language" combobox.
In case your wondering, prior to this the final releases were only in Czech :)

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