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Keeping the first thread alive

Please help me with keeping the first thread alive
click here

Moderators, feel free to close this thread, since it is only a sort of redirecting thread for all those who read all forums except for the Testing Area

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Yeah, his link is dead, I think that's why he posted it. Unless they have the thread sitting on a backup tape or something, somewhere...I don't think recovery would be too possible though...


Beware the G-Man
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X-Istence said:
If anyone knows what the first xp-erience thread was about we might be able to dig it up.

It was prolly some "welcome to" announcement thread.

*goes into xp-erience flashback convulsions* :eek: Wow... that was freaky.

Maaan, we need a dungeon in here. Damn I miss it. :( :p

Someone should dig up that "story" thread we started way back when. Now that was weird, but a good read. :D

Electronic Punk

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it wasn't... I think it was actually someone asking for help :)
Oblivious to the fact that waddy was still most likely rushing round trying to get things to work - back in the day where he actually did stuff.

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