Keep a vid card O/C'ed??

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Heeter, Jun 9, 2004.

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    Hi Guys,

    I slightly O/C'ed my 9600Pro to see if there was a change to how FarCry plays and looks. I boosted both the core and memory clocks by approx 7mghz each. (404mghz GPU, 304mghz MEM). Can I keep the clocks at those settings when I am not playing the game, or should I turn them back? I don't see much of a difference anyways. I am using the Omega Radlinker 4.4 drivers for O/C'ing.

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    Having seen several video cards fried by overclcoking I strongly recommend against it. CPUs and RAM take overclocking well and have built in protection. Video card GPUs don't.

    Do the math: 7/404 = 1.7% That's noise level. Anyone who says they can see that difference is kidding themselves. If you could boost it 25% and not fry the GPU it would be worth it.

    Video cards are too expensive to fry.
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    I've been overclocking my gfx cards for the last few years, and never had a problem. On average I have overclocked them by about 50mhz. For example my old GF4 ti4200 was clocked at 300 core and 570 mem, instead of the stock value of 250 core and 512 mem.
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    to keep your overclock the WHOLE TIME computer is on, you may flash a custom made bios... I believe you can use "RadEdit" to edit Radeon bios...
    so like
    1. dump your bios
    2. make another copy, edit it with RadEdit to your freq.
    3. Flash your bios
    4. hopefully, it works.

    That way, you wont have to use "radlinker" and your DEFAULT clock will be whatever you set in RadEdit...

    BTW, 7mhz ain't going to get you ANYTHING :( :( but the 9600s are good OCers I hear, so give it a try? you might consider AtiTool...