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KDS monitors


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long story short
my 1st monitor expired (loud pop, gases, dead) a few months before the warranty expired
they send me a refurbished replacement
doesnt work
they send me another refurb
its blurry as all ****
they send me a NEW VS-7
it emits a horrible horrible gas, and its blurry as ****
they send me ANOTHER new VS-7
and just now..its emitted horrible gases (smells like chlorine, pool, burning plastic, etc)
but this one is still working fine
any ideas what would be causing all the problems with the VS-7s?
the gas is horrible and makes my room/house unusable for a few days
any suggestions, answers, clues, etc would be very helpful


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I've already had my VS-77 replaced once, and I'm about to again. I get this big blurry patch down the middle of the screen about a week into use -- second time now. It's a shame, because they're otherwise good quality considering the price, and their customer service is awfully nice. From all I've heard, their other monitors are stellar. However, this one's about to drive me just plain nutter.

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