KCleaner : easy and automatic System Cleaner

If someone works hard to create a software. charging for it is their right Johnny, But since Kyle is not charging for Kcleaner thats his right also.
:) Johnny must be having a bad day.... Poor Johnny! How can we chear him up?
I think he got out the wrong side of the bed that morning and banged his head. This is why you should always think before you type :dead::laugh:
KCleaner - 0.17


- 0001040: [Bug] If "show/hide" file while cleaning, operations appears as immediately done
- 0000975: [New Feature] Kcleaner should delete MS Terminal Server Client Cache
- 0001054: [Bug] Poor vista folder compatibility
- 0000976: [New Feature] KCleaner should delete XnView thumbnail cache
- 0001039: [Bug] Display glitches under Vista
- 0001050: [Refactoring] Timestamped log file entries
Well, the initial questions. Is this for a company, how many are in the company, how many use this machine. Stuff like that. I can't recall very many pieces of software asking that.

It's also caused my Google Chrome to not show webpages properly.
The other thing is. Mine kept on going through a loop it seems. It would take about an hour and just keep restarting it's cleaning.
It just kept looping. I can't remember the count. But it said there was 1.05GB of stuff to be deleted. It took me clearing my cache and everything with chrome to get it working fine again. Plus, I didn't like the RK Software that installed itself onto my machine.
That's very weird.... i'll investigate. Nobody ever reported such behavior.
RK can be uninstalled independantly from KCleaner anyway.
KCleaner - 0.18

KC Softwares

- 0001097: [Bug] Under Vista, normal privilege : KCleaner may "clean" endlessly
- 0001115: [Refactoring] Improved log file
- 0001114: [Refactoring] CTRL+L opens log file.
- 0001107: [Bug] Be careful with "desktop.ini" files
- 0001112: [New Feature] Opera 10 support
KCleaner - 0.19

KC Softwares

- 0001121: [New Feature] KCleaner should delete AdAware update cache
- 0001122: [New Feature] KCleaner should delete SpyBot Search & Destroy update cache
- 0001061: [New Feature] Kcleaner should delete Macromedia folder structure
- 0001130: [Bug] KCleaner shall reject empty "system" folder returned by API
KCleaner - 2.1 (Released 2013-10-06)

KC Softwares

- 0002100: [Bug] Missing items for translation (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002099: [Bug] "Shred files" button is too narrow for non-english languages (german) (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002160: [New Feature] Action buttons for drive health, get new drive (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002112: [New Feature] Estonian language support (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
KCleaner - 2.3.1 (Released 2014-08-30)

KC Softwares

- 0002343: [Bug] systray icon language doesnt change back (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002602: [New Feature] Swedish Translation (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.

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