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19 Jun 2002
Ok i was trying to fix a pc for someone. the problem was that it gave a kb/interface error when booting and then it would seem to hang but after a while windows 98 would appear and display a message that it couldnt find a ps/2 compatible mouse. and it stopped there.
quick recap, the pc wasnt detecting the keybaord and the mouse, so it was uanble to do anything with it.
How the heck can this and how can you solve it, when you cant do anything with it :S

btw ofcourse i checked all the cables, tried different keyboards and mice...
serial / usb mouse/kb. failing that, take the hdd out and put it in your pc to see if its a screwed driver m8. at least you will be able to tell if the mobo's the problem that way. need a 2nd pc for this by the looks of it though.
both were serial, keyboard and mouse.
Also said, its either the mobo that has a problem or a software type of thing. Unfortanetly there wasnt a second pc near, so i couldnt fix it :(
if you can get in bios then the mb is ok,
so you have to reinstall windows.
couldnt go into the bios since i had to press F1 to enter it...
but i guess it was some kind of virus thingie...
joko_xp said:
if you can get in bios then the mb is ok,
so you have to reinstall windows.

who told you that bullsh!t ? AOL support ?

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