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hey man i just got xp i didnt do the upgrade wne i install it i di the full install and now i cant isntall kazza do u guys now why please help me
this is the messsage i get

"kmd is not valid on win 32 aplication "

what thats that mean :confused:
Grokster and kazaa both have trojans built into the 3rd party spyware that installs along with them.
hey i have morpheus (which is like almost identical to kazaa). does it have those trojan thingies, too?
I'm still trying to find out if it does.
MusicCity Morpheus does not have any trojans or spyware in it. In fact, unline the others, Morpheus doesn't even package 3rd party programs with their software. It is safe to use.

Running Ad_aware with Morpheus and Grokster will clean out the spyware without killing the program... Not so with Kazaa it'll stop working...
morpheus has no trojans or virii. or spyware, and it works fine with windows xp, and its the EXACT SAME as Kazaa, u can even d/l stuff from people who have Kazaa with Morpheus
Kazza, morpheus and grokstrer are all on the same "network"...
morheus is the true ruler though!!! - no spyware found in it..

In answer to the original question, Kazaa will install on XP. Try downloading the latest version of Kazaa (if you still want to use it).

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