KaZaa Trojan


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27 Mar 2002
is the Trojan included in the lite version? + that's pretty shitty of kazaa.
that's what i'd like to know too. :\ that is really sucky of kazaa to do something like that. wut a bunch of poops.
since i started using kazaa months ago
i wondered why it wanted to start with the computer
i also had problems with it using 100% of the cpu
now its making some sense
giving candy only to have lsd inside
brilliant idea
and shitty
Why not use KaZaA lite. it contains no spyware and its a much smaller program.
Ah yes..it is a shitty thing of kazaa to do..but remember everyone this is how they are trying to make money so we can all download pirated stuff lol
well i'm running kazaa lite right now. my question is this (the same as benquilter's, i believe):

even if kazaa lite contains no spyware, is it still subject to having that trojan in it? so far, that verdict is in for the regular kazaa, but what about it's little brother?
Have currently thrown every trojan scanner at Kazaalite....and got zippo. did a little disassembling and nada.

Then i deleted it.

Who needs it anyway.:D
if u read the whole article:

Hemming said she was pursuing the authors, users and sponsors of KaZaA Lite, software that removes Altnet and other hidden software in the branded KaZaA software.

so i assume kazaa lite doesnt have it
Read it!

I never assume though.

Ya know the drill on assuming.

ah... i suppose by the time i got to the end of the article, my brain had begun its "skimming/auto-pilot" mode and so i prolly missed it. i find it's often doing that nowadays as school nears the end of its 5 year run for me. *SIGH*
Oh well. I can't blame them. If it were my program, I would want to make a little cake as well. I still don't like it though. :(

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