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Kazaa Lite Resurrection (Kazaa Lite K++ 2.5.5)

KLR Change Log (v. 0.0.7 -> v.

* Added Português Brasileiro language
* Changed some registry settings
* Miscellaneous changes
* Added text changes
* New installer
* Added text changes/source code changes that will make 0.0.8
* Fixed country bug problem

It smells like 0.0.8 is coming soon. There is talk of already on the forums there, seems like a few minor releases like this one will be released first.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
how come it took so long for someone to post this...its been out for a few weeks. I was thinkin about do it and then i forgot all about it since i have been really busy getting viruses out of my computer.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
i was reading some people were havin troubles after installing i unno i am gonna wait till comes out since i have no problems at all right now and dont really download much anymore


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
Political User
Kazaa is what it is...but again what is truly safe anymore....

P2P is deepspace 9 ...a portal to the uncertain...if you watch what you download and scan your files, you should be ok ;)
As a program it’s stable, and quite useful when looking for legitimate (non-pirated) downloads. Even when searching for what most of us are searching for, the latest and greatest, games, movies and music in their many categories, I find myself looking to KaZaA and more often than not finding it.

Any of the file sharing networks really are a very powerful tool when in the right hands, and the number of users connected to them is quite staggering despite efforts. Of the file sharing programs, KaZaA Lite Resurrection is definitely the program I use and recommend.

Although it can't compete with full-fledged distribution communities like IRC or Bittorrent due to a great many things everybody, who views a forum like this probably knows about by now. It can be far easier to find a file using KaZaA than searching through channel after channel on IRC or finding the torrent, even after many have been scared off.

Then again, you put yourself on the line when using these networks. As of right now I'd have to say the home user is perfectly safe downloading whatever their heart desires, all we can do is try to support these networks and show the world that this is how the future looks, no matter how much they kick and scream.
allbusiness said:
this program has given me "cannot find registry entries" errors
If you read the documentation, you will see it explain the reasons for this, inside your installation directory you will find a file called 'userfix.reg'. If you run this file, the problem will likely be fixed. The authour should have made this more clear I think.. :rolleyes:

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