Kazaa Lite Resurrection 0.0.6 (2.4.9) Released


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Any good reason to upgrade from the newest K++ Edition?

I'm actually a big BT fan now, but I keep Kazaa around for nostalgia. ;)
i dislike kazaa.. i think my favorite download from kazaa though, was Marvel Comic Cards, 1995 Edition, jpegs of all 235 cards, fronts and backs. the hologram, the foil, the basic, and the clear cells. how lame! :)

what BT clients do you guys use? im on BitTorrent ++ 0.5.4
lol i got those cards! i have the 1995 marvel masterpeice set... i remember collecting those and getting EVERY single one~ got the venon and spiderman holligram too


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dubstar said:
what BT clients do you guys use? im on BitTorrent ++ 0.5.4
I'm on the same client at the moment. My main complaint is that is uses a lot of resources when hashing the files.


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Is there anything different in this version from the previous resurrection version?

I prefer the shadow bittorrent program.


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Fenris said:
-anything different in this version-
Changes in 0.0.6 (2.4.9) - 02/08/04

* Added MP3Shield 1.0
* Miscellaneous changes
* Removed HOSTS Manager 1.4
* Removed Kazaa GUI Hacker 1.5
* Removed MP3 Checker 0.1a
* Removed TagScanner 4.8 Build 481 Beta
* Tools are downloaded during setup
* Updated AVIPreview 0.26a to AVIPreview+ 0.26a
* Updated KaNAT 0.3.7 Beta to KaNAT 0.3.8 RC2 Beta
* Updated KaZuperNodes 1.4.7 to KaZuperNodes 1.4.8 RC2

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