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kazaa lite resserection...


Dabba Dooba
Political User
hey...i noticed lately that there hasnt been over 1,000,000 users on kazaa reserrection which prob goes with all the kazaas. I was wondering is it just a fluke or maybe an error or cause of the RIAA?


its no fluke, everyone has began using other programs for a while now, if you are interested in finding other programs you should try Ares Galaxy, that one has become really popular
Many people are using Bittorrent now, although there are still Newsgroups and IRC.

Its actually unfortunate KaZaA will not stay popular, or for that matter stop all the fake files and viruses from being pumped into it, it was much more convenient than any of the mentioned above.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
hm...well that one bittorent site that they have on the KLR says u gotta pay for it now...so i dont really want to use bittorrent.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
eDonkey and eMule (Overnet) seem to be up there around the 1,000,000 user mark and I quite like the way they go about sharing (UNTIL you find a file that no one has completely loaded and got pulled - but that can always happen with a system like this).


Glaanies script monkey
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Careful, Ares and the *new* KazaaLite have spyware. I think eMule is spyware free, atleast it was when I used it 3 years ago.

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