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kazaa lite and kazaa problem


Dabba Dooba
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when i try to connect to kazaa it just says connecting and never connects can anyone help

and also last week my programs that can resume downloads and make them faster any downloads i do on any program it says connedtion refussed
ok.. sounds like an ISP problem.. what ISP are yah using m8 ?

ISP = Internet Service Provider.. the people you use to connect to the interent...



I doubt its his isp? i have exactly the same problem with XP, to use kazzalite i reboot to windows millenium
Never been that bothered about why it wont work with Xp, maybe the firewall or port idea's along the right lines?


Nissan Powered
xp tends to turn the built in firewall onwith out telling you, on your 56k why u need a firewall on a 56k I don't know, check under your network connections it should show your modem and your nic (if u have one) and it will say under neath it if the firewall is on.

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To rule out your firewall go to control panel/network connections. Right click on your isp/properties/advanced. What does it say about the firewall?


I've had this problem sometimes, all i have to do is go, file->disconnect then file->connect. And it seems to work, simple solution that you probably have tried but thought I might add this anyway.
Kazaa lite sometimes does take a while to “seem” to be connected. If you are not the “Admin” who installed the programme under XP then this can cause the problem as it does not have the “nouse” to install itself correctly where multiple users are concerned. You will get the message “not connected” when you try to switch to another Kazza window (download). This can’t be overcome. Log on as the administrator and all will be well.

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