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whats up everybody? im havin this prob with kazaa were i used to download movies @ about 14kb/s usin my ADSL connection, now all of a a sudden it will only download @ about lk or maybe less, i found another post on a similar problem but with mo solution, please dont assume the users im downloadin from are 56k, i know some of these guys and have downloaded from them at pretty high speeds, plus downloading @ less than 1k from SIX users just dosent make sense. For those of you wanting to recommend somethin else i have winmx and its almost as bad, i actually got 2.5 ( i could get 4k on my dialup) so no help there, the other forum suggested e donkey which im downloading @ 1.5kb/s now , in a nutshell surfing is fast as ever and downloads are slow, i called up my isp and enquired about throttling they told me to restart ad assigned me a new ip address which fixed things...for about 5 mins......could this be anything but throttling that the customer service arent addmiting to?

im no networking expert but the modem is connected such that i dont have to dial up to the dsl service and shows the connection as a local area connection @10 Mbs, is there a compatibility issue with xp? is it worth considering reinstalling my whole system?


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As I dunno where you are, I cant really help, but apparently in the UK there are two broadband providers that cutoff users who use p2p software. These are Freeserve and BT Openworld
Moejoe - what about normal internet downloads... what speed do they run at ? - meaning... clicking a file download link in IE... and using the IE download dialogue...



well when i download directly from IE i get speeds of up to about 14kb/s , im interested about the participation level my level is actually low cuz im not sharing could that have anythin to do with it, i dont think so but all input is welcome!

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