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Kazaa blocked, work-around?


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On my network Kazaa is blocked, not the port. The port is open but the kazaa server is blocked by "Boardermanger" (Novell) Is there a work-around? Or is there a different service out there, that doesn't use kazaa and doesn't use spyware? I need the service to be able to run on port 80.

im not sure what Port it uses tho sorry (WinMX).. worth a try tho.. considering it has no spyware and does the same as Kazaa although Kazaa is alot better than WinMX in my opinion

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there is an option in kazaas options menu click firewalltab and at the bottom it has a tick box "allow alternative connections on port 80" that could help you out


Apple lover, PC User
maybe i need to explain again..
all ports are blocked other than port 80
and the kazaa server is blocked, preventing me from using kazaa


WinMX works on any port you want it to work upon... however... the best work around would be to go to a shop and buy the music lol
which server does KaZaA try to connect to, I am just wondering as if you know then you could try and get to it with IE if the server is truely blocked then you shouldnt be able to get to it.

You could get Socks2HTTP, but that seems to have gone to a purchase thing no longer a free piece of software.
I got KaZaA to work on my 1214 blocked connection, I changed the port to 6502 which is the netscape conferencing port (i dont use that normally) and it works like a charm
go to downloads.com and search for "http tunnel" many people have been able to use it to get around my school's blocking of file sharing programs.
http tunnel still works but they limit the speed, unless you pay for it, you'll be able to use the blocked programs but not a super fast speeds so if your trying to d/l music find it start it and go to bed then by morning you'll have what you are looking for.

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