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kazaa 1.51 strange problem

When i download a file, i can't get it to get more then one users per file. sometimes more users pop up but then they just disappear. my downlaods go slow.... is this happening to someone else. i used the fake cydoor.dll for the spyware removal too,
I doubt it's a problem with your comp or kazaa, it's just the state of the network right now, and it also depends on how many people have the exact file as your downloading and how many of them WANT you downloading from them.

I know alot of people myself included that if we see someone downloading from when they aren't sharing anything we cut the download off, so that might be part of it too.

But it's happened before where sometimes I won't get more then a few users as i'm downloading it all depends on thes tate of the network at the time fo download, sorry man

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