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K6-2 and Win2k



My boss picked up a whole bunch of computer stuff that was donated to our school and gave me one of the motherboards with a AMD K6-2 300MHZ. I decided this would be a good replacement for my personal webserver (P-166mhz).

I got the board in and installed 96MB of PC100 RAM (its good, i pulled it from another working system), and put the hard drive in it. It starts to boot up, but when it gets to the Windows 2000 splash screen (with the starting up and blue loading bar at the bottom) it BSODs with the message INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE. It wont even boot into safemode. I know the hard drive isn't damaged because it works fine in the P-166 system.

I have encountered this error once before when trying to install Windows 2000 on another K6-2 at work. Is there something I can do to fix this? Or will Win2k not run at all on this processor?

Oh yeah, i tried to get a BIOS update for the mobo, but the website for it has a bad link on the download...

Bob S

In my opinion a 300 mgz machine is blow the minimum for W2000. Also below 128 mg of ram is low. I know some will say it can work, but I'm going by having done many, many upgrades.

Here, where I work, we will not even try below 400 mgz, due to problems.

Bob S

sorry, I forgot to comment on the BIOS. If your MB is pre-2000, it most probably needs a BIOS update to run, this may account for the "safe mode" non-boot.


it does work good

I used win2k and a k6-2 300 Mhz for more than 2 years now.

First I had only 128Mb, it was the minimum to launch heavy application as photoshop with Quark Xpress for instance.

I used up to 450Mb to be very confortable, but with only 192 or 256 there is no problem at all, especially if you have only a medium size web server.

Additionally, I have a Matrox G200 which gives enough velocity for the 2D environment.

Finally, I had no prob to install win2k. ;)


I agree with you Bob S, 300mhz is a little slow for Windows 2000, but for what I will be using it for it works fine. All I am doing is running a personal webserver for my own website and sharing of files with friends on FTP. Since the 166 worked fine, the 300 should be great. Actually some of the *really* old computers here at the school are 166s with 64mb RAM, all of which run Windows 2000. Yes they are slow compared to the new ones but they work fine for Internet usage and word processing.

I will try to find a BIOS update somewhere else since the link on their site is down. Hopefully that will do it.


Well I got it to work last night. Don't know exactly what made it work but I replaced the processor, the video card, and the network card, then reinstalled win2k on the hard drive. After it was done installing I put back in the K6-2 and the video card and a different network card and it is working fine.


i used to have win2k on a 200mmx a while ago with 128mb ram. had an old tx/pro motherboard and there was no problems whatsoever in the system.

ive even seen it run on a 133mhz pc with 96mb ram. its only a server comp - its not meant to do much.

and at the end of the day - its not how quick it is... its how you tweak it to do what you want it to do.

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