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K menu icons change all of a sudden....


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i installed MDK 9.2 about 5 days ago....the first day i ran it, the icons in the K menu were bigger (for example, the icon for the amusement section, the office section, etc).
now they suddenly changed, and theyre really small and instead of a cool icon, its this boring blue folder icon.

whats weirder is that all of them were like this. now that i installed aMSN (gaim wouldnt work for some reason) some changed to the cool icons again. specifically, Applications, Configuration, Multimedia and Networking (and all categories inside) went back to the cool icons.

i dont know if this'll help or not, but for some reason, when the icons went to the boring blue folders, some applications disappeared from the menu as well
for example: in Configuration>KDE> i only had "Power Control" and "Peripherals", and now that it went back to the cool icons, i have: Accessibility, Components, Information, Look n Feel, Network, Peripherals, Power Control, Security, Sound, System, Web Browsing.

is it normal for the icons to change like this? if not, how i can i change them back to the cool ones instead of plain old boring blue folders?

try right clicking on the taskbar and go to Size and choose "Medium" or something like that, as for the Icons they could have changed with the smaller panel or you could have changed your Icon theme


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:confused: !!!!!
what the hell! i just booted into linux and now all the icons went back to the nice looking ones! :eek:
i dont think this is normal, is it?
is there some config file or something to look at to see what icons are supposed to be loaded at KDE's start?



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:mad: damned icons! they changed and look like folders again!
im not sure what i couldv've done that changes them like that. maybe its a bug, but its weird that it happens in both KDE and GNOME (i just checked in GNOME).
would upgrading GNOME and KDE help?


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