k-Lite is now charging!!??!!


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use cleankmd. It's Kazaa also ... Download link below:
  • http://myimages.fourvalve.com/clean244/cleankmd244.exe


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Surely for all the media available via the program $24.99 isn't a bad price. I must agree though, it's annoying when a free program turns to the dark side ;P


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I would pay it if and only if that gives me legal right to download all the music I want without risk of RIAA terrorists.


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Funny as hell. K-lite charging? WTF?

They have been ordered to cease providing the Kazaa knock off software by the courts. $ 24.99 for lifetime membership could mean for the next 3 days.

No way you should pay for something that is now illegal with a promise of lifetime availability.
it could be that the domain was hijacked... somebody else is trying to make money from it... most people already gave up on kazaa since it most of the files there are corrupt/fake... try going to the real kazaa lite site at http://doa2.host.sk...


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I would have to agree with logout...I think that website is a con job that is getting people who don't know any better to pay for nothing...whoever jumped on that website when the developers lost it was hoping to screw some people over


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K-Lite is not charging for their software. That website is not affiliated with the K-Lite application in any way whatsoever. www.k-lite.tk is simply charging for the use of their servers to download the K-Lite application among other freeware.


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K++Lite can be found if you know where to look ;)
as far as the RIAA goes, you really dont have to worry about port pings from
them if you know how to hide in the shadows,
the correct nodes, if applied, can bring you many nice things :D

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