Just wondering about a video card !

My step mom bought a custom built system with a ASUS V8420 Geforce 4 TI4200 64meg video card.

I have a Redeon 8500 64meg video card.

She is going to use the ASUS for text based stuff ! She said that she would give me the ASUS and I could give her the Readeon !

So the question is .... What card is better ???? :D


hardware monkey
gf4 ti is a little faster than the radeon, but not by a big margin. i'd go by features and which one you're more partial to.


hardware monkey
i believe they are both directx 8.1 cards, so no extra eye candy. some people say the radeon's have better image quality, but i don't know if that's still true. if you have and use tv-out or a 2nd vga-out on your radeon, the gf4 most likely won't have either one. but the gf4 has a little more muscle.

plus that wolfman demo is pretty sweet. }:>


Another vote for the GF4. It has more muscle and even thought ATI driver support has greatly improved it still is not what Nvidia's is.
ZAnwar they have 2 versions, a 64 and 128. and the GeForce4 Ti4200 is faster then the radeon. you can oc it a little better too. trade away my man, trade away.
Thank you all for your input........ I think Im going to trade ! It's my step mom so I can always get my old card back if I dont like the G4 !!!


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