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Just sits on the Starting Windows up Welcome screen !?




Windows XP Home Edition

The night previous I added a new user account and also
turned off the Guest account in XP. I swapped between
users just to check all is OK, logged off one and onto
another also - everything fine.
I shut down the PC

I turn my PC on today and it gets as far as the Welcome -
Starting up windows Screen - then just sits there - it
hasn't crashed or anything - just sits there - no user
accounts, logon screen etc.
There is some disk activity and then nothing

I can't even get past it by selecting all the other boot
options - safe mode etc. So am blocked out of my PC and pulling my hair out ! :(

Searched the Knowledgebase and have found nothing as yet :-
Can anyone please help ? Has anyone seen this before ?

I am an IT person - so technical explanations/solutions -
plese fire away.
Next step could be boot disk and meddling with the system
files, but I haven't a clue which ones are relevant.

(I have done this before some months back and then deleted
the temp user - all was fine then)


Left it for several hours :( just sitting on that screen

Tried all modes of the F8 booting

Safe mode - gets to exactly the same point and then sits there.

XP must have messed up when saving the new account user details when I shut down. But I don't know what maybe failing to load for it to access the list of User accounts



Try Repiar as Catch said or when you boot it up press that F key( i cant think of num right this min lol its at tip of tongue tho)
and try Boot with Last known good config


Cheers so far guys.

My CD/DVD drive doesn't boot from :-(
Even played with my BIOS settings and still couldn't get it to boot from the XP CD

Also - If I re-install over - what will I loose ? :(

As for the - last config boot . I gues XP shut down properly when I shut down after adding the user - because it still happens when I choose that option also.

I have previously installed the repair program - so will try that tonight - any tips ? or is it straight forward ?

Thanx again
Also - If I re-install over - what will I loose
nothing.... also check your post screen to see if you have a boot menu option... mine does and i just have to hit f12 and i get a choice of booting from a cd a floppy or the hdd....

also one last thing.... try going into safemode under adminestrator and hit control alt delete then go to file>new task and type explorer exe and then windows will ask if you want to run system restore

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