Just put in the 3.4 800 1meg P4 478 pin Do I need different memory?

I just bought a new P4 478 pin 3.4 gig 800 fsb 1meg. My other was a 2.8 533 478 pin. It doesn't want to boot up? Do I need updated memory to use this new processor? The memory is DDR 3200

Thanks in advance


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clear the cmos and attempt to boot after that...

generally fixes any issues you may have with booting upon installation of a new cpu...
yup thats the prob bush dogg, Mazspeed you need to download the latest bios from ur mobo manufacturer's site and then install it, i bet itll work fine after that.
I have the azus p4c 800 delux. Do I still need to flash the bios? How do I do this, as I have never done it before.

Thanks again guys


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Hi Mazspeed,

All the firmware you will need for your BIOS upgrade is available on the ASUS site. The instructions for upgrade your BIOS is available there as well.

Just make absolutely certain you get which download you need, for your particular board.



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Asus p4c800 Deluxe

Use that link if your mobo is DEFINITELY a p4c800 deluxe and not a p4c800 or p4c800-e deluxe.

Your new cpu was supported from bios level 1017, so put the old cpu in,switch your machine on, and note the BIOS level reported on the POST screen.
If the number is lower than 1017, you need to upgrade the BIOS.

Go here to see how to flash BIOS

BIOS level 1019 (the newest) is here

Fingers crossed, and good luck :)
Ok got it. I was able to do it and flash the bios (big pain in the ass) but since I was running SCSI's and other ad ons I had to take it in so that they could redo the bios settings. I wish they would tell you this stuff on the website. Oh well I got it, and it's faster now. Thanks for your help everyone.