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Dr. Kramer

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6 Jan 2004
Just as the title says, just out of curiousity, I have a laptop running XP Home and a desktop running XP Pro. Would it be possible to do a repair installation on the XP Home machine using a slipstreamed XP Pro CD, thus converting the XP Home to XP Pro SP1?

Also, if I did a repair installation on the XP Home machine w/ a slipstreamed XP home CD, would that upgrade it to SP1? Or would I have to download SP1 again?

Sounds like a recipe for distaster! :)
Ok, never tried the home-pro repair myself as well. Since the repair installation is practically the same as an inplace upgrade installation you probably end up with a not activated installation of XP pro.

If you have a non ServicePack installation of XP Home and do a repair installation from a slipstreamed cd, this will indeed apply the Service Pack. Will look like and in fact be a slipstreamed installation (i.e. no Windows\ServicePackFiles directory). If I remember right I have done this once, no guarantee, 'though.

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