Just Ordered Nec Nd-2500A

Whats your opinion on this dvd-writer

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i decided to go with it cuz on dvdrhelp.com there werent any costers done with it!:D but only one on an unnamed brand of media so thats ovibous why, and the review at cdfreaks was really detailed and thourogh and gave it a 10/10!


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"Now THIS was really impressive. The NEC ND-2500A is simply the King of write quality, even when writing 4x discs at 8x speed. No other writers we have reviewed do even come close to this one in terms of writing quality. It gets a huge plus in our book for perfect writing quality, but on the other side it also gets a tiny minus for being slow at 8x writing compared to other 8x writers." - Quote from cd freaks review


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I thought about getting the drive but decided on the liteon instead its seem a more "all-round" burner than the NEC is picked up the DRW-1S81 which is the OEM of the liteon 811. I got this for £58 which is a bargain for the 851 is over £80 :)

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indyjones said:
I thought about getting the drive but decided on the liteon instead its seem a more "all-round" burner than the NEC
NEC's feels like nice solid machinery compared to the flimsy, noisy Lite-on's build quality. It also appears the CDFeaks folks weren't as impressed with the 8X Lite-on.


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themafia_69 said:
could u be specific as in which one u have? that would be helpful
well as your first question was
themafia_69 said:
hey guys i just ordered the Nec Nd-2500 8x dvd±Writer
so it would be safe to assume I was talkin about that one or more precisely the
_NEC DVD_RW ND-2500A according to my Device Manager


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a friend told me that his friends had problems with this drive, did u have any? btw which firmware version do u have running now?


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I would not pay too much for any DVD writer at the moment for 2nd to 3rd 1/4 dual layer burners will be surfacing and no matter "what" you uses of the drive are there are only benifits.

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