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Just Ordered a T-Mobile TDA


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No, HTC devices are awesome. If it will serve your needs more than the MDA would have then you made a good decision. Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone edition is one solid OS.
Unfortunately I carry two phones, one for my day job and the other for personal life and side projects. I used to have a sidekick and found it too big and klunky to carry around, thus the decision on the TDA over the MDA. I'm glad to hear it's a good device. I'll post more once I receive it . . .
Re: Just Ordered a T-Mobile SDA

Oops . . . guess it was an SDA :)

Anyhow, I love it very nice clear speakerphone, easy to connect to wifi, etc. Wondering if I should bother with EDGE though since it is so slow and it seems like I can pull into any neighborhood and find an unsecured wifi connection.

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