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    when i boot up... it takes literally 10 mins for everything to load.. and everything is very slow at the beginning.. how can i fix this?
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    hi, welcome to xp world. lol. it all depends on how many programs do u have set to start up with windows, programs like norton anti-virus eats up a lot of time and memory, so if u have a lot of these programs on startup disable some of them, that should spare some boot time. also, u have a tutorial on this subject on the website (checking...) got it, go here and check it out, hopefully it does help you out. Keep XP'ing :)
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    Empire, I think you will like XP, except for the boot process. It can either be extremely fast, or to the other extreme......SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

    One thing that causes an extremely slow boot up is a NIC card. If you use one, well your kinda screwed. But, If your Motherboard has one, and you not using it, disable that sucker. You will notice a huge decrease in boot time.

    Also got to this website: http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/platform/performance/fastboot/default.asp

    2 things i want you to do... Under the downloads.. download bootvis.exe ... run it. Also look under the White papers section.

    Here is some instructions on how to run bootvis. http://www.fivemeg.i12.com/bootvis.htm

    Bootvis monitors and optimizes your boot sequence. With a NIC card I boot in about 2:30. With out nic card I boot in a solid 23 secs from pushing the power button. But I try not not hardly ever shutdown. =) Hope this helps!