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Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

I've been craving this look since I saw Iceman's OSX mod, but I can't believe how different it feels from Windows. I'm not use to this AT ALL. Certain things feel broken, and I'm still missing a few things like the Truelancher. The ObjectDock isn't that great; I liked Y'z Dock better.

Picture viewer is broken somehow, I feel antiquated without a start menu. I'd take a screen shot, but I don't know how, lol.

It was nothing special. I couldn't stand it and formatted/reinstalled. It was severely crippled leaving me nothing but the RUN command at my disposal. NOTHING was installed at the moment, but I guess MSpaint would have been good enough.

dreamliner77 said:
take a screenshot.

hit the print scr key on your keyboard, open up MS Paint, or Photoshop or whatever and hit ctrl+v to paste.


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It looks like you gave it less than 3 hours to grow on you! :p ;)

An SP2 version of his mod pack should be avialable soon. I'm gonna give it a try on my PC so that I feel like I'm using my Mac even when I'm not! :D
Actually, less than 15 minutes. I just couldn't get a feel of it.

Speaking of SP2, I tried installing the mod on a SP2 to see what would happen and I kept getting the ntskrnl.exe corruption error. Tried this twice before I wised up and threw SP1 in.

Live and learn :D

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