Just had my first IT review of my career!

Well, today 24 days after my 1 year at my company I had my first IT review. To say the least my boss was definitely impressed with the things I accomplished in my first year.

1) Helped software developer with custom travel agency application.
2) Built new accounting server and migrated data from old one.
3) Upgraded accounting to new version of accounting software programs.
4) Diagnosed faulty switches and replaced them with business grade switches.
5) Created images for all machines and deployed them to 70 workstations.
6) Mastered phone recording software and created plan to record via user name to new server I built.

I went from 27000 -> 31000 plus company paid for MCSA boot camp. We both agreed my total compensation therefore is somewhere around $34,000. I also get reimbursed for cell phone and internet ($100/month). I also requested a title change from System Support to System Administrator after my completion of MCSA training.

Overall I am satisfied.