Just buy new ink.....

Still have to screw around with toner cartridges which can sometimes really screw up your print results if something gets on the toner roll or the roll gets damaged.
I have seen times where a toner cartridge has to be replaced when still about 1/2 full as the roll somehow got damaged or toner is on the edge of the roll where it should not be causing steaks on the print.
Alternate solution. I shop for inkjet printers based on having aftermarket ink available. Google the printer you are interested in for refills and cartridge reset hacks.

I have an epson ($5 generic cartridges) and a HP (bulk ink with a known reset method) and another epson in the closet that i could not get generic ink for but can now.

I will never buy another Brother (disabled the entire fax/scanner just because one ink color was empty and used an entire set of cartridges every 3 months just doing auto head cleanings) or Cannon product (replacement head costs 50% more than a new printer, wasted way too much ink in cleaning).
I was reinking and resetting my Epson C8x series cartridges with mixed results. In the end each of the three Epson C8x's I owned (C80, C82 - replaced the C80 under warranty, and C84 or 86 - I forget which) would just end up getting so clogged that when I bought new cartridges I'd have to use half the cartridge up in cleaning cycles and it still wouldn't get up to snuff.

My color laser printer is a Brother and was one of the most highly rated color laser printers through NewEgg. I don't do all-in-ones at all, I think they are generally of lesser quality and I believe in separate components getting the best of each one. I love Canon scanners and although I've only owned two by them, the last one was a LiDE-30 and is great because of how thin it is and that it's USB powered, but I wanted a even better/faster one especially for scanning film/slides so I got a Canon 8800F and unfortunately had given my LiDE-30 to my ex-girlfriend (unfortunately).

Again, the Canon scanners were about the highest rated ones available through NewEgg.
I want a Pro 9500, with the ten tanks. 13X19

Bought a T1i and now I need a good printer.

For regualr printers I have been buying Broter pritners as they are reasonably priced, MFC's and the ink is cheap.

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