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Just bought a G4


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My friend just got her new Macbook pro and sold me her old Powermac for $175

just brought it home.

G4 dual 450mhz
1gb ram
30gb HD and 80gb HD.
Mac OS 10.4.5 Tiger,
2 (64MB) (FX 5200) video cards
DVD burner (pioneer) Superdrive.

I want to upgrade the processors, any input?
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OSX don't really need lots of processing power, just lots of ram, it eats it, 1GB is good so it shouldn't be to bad. Try reformatting it with OSX and updating it all through Software Update and see how it runs.


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Don't touch the CPU's. If you really have money to burn you'll want to look into Sonnet, GigaDesigns and PowerLogix upgrades, (reviews and info here - take a good look around that site before making any decisions) they're essentially plug and play, though I think the boost you'll see in that particular machine will be minimal (Your FSB amongst other things will likely be a crippling bottleneck).

I'd say chuck another 512mb/1GB stick in there if you feel it to be sluggish, which it likely will be, it's an old machine, though still a perfectly capable one, and no doubt a machine I'd happily and contently run as my main and only desktop. :)

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