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30 Jan 2004
I really don't want to wipe everything and start over but... My system is randomly restarting, no error messages, no warning, just suddenly my monitor goes dark and system reboots. The event viewer shows something called "Save Dump" under the source heading and the detail shows"

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0xbf9f4a76, 0xb9f3ca90, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini030304-04.dmp.

I have no idea what this means so its no help to me. I've ran through all the major things I need to check (virusscan is clean, no spyware) and I can't think of an application that would cause this. The only major change I've made is going from Sygate PFW to ZoneAlarm. Also I installed some windows update about wireless security, but again that doesn't seem like a likely cause. Does anyone have any idea's... or should I just start over.

Turn off the option to reboot after a crash and get the error code from the BSOD.
That problem is usually caused by either a bad video card or bad ram.
BouncingSoul said:
... The bugcheck was: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0xbf9f4a76, 0xb9f3ca90, 0x00000000). ....

Reminds me of a time I had temp running a bit hot and my RAM would go dodgey at high temperatures - Have you checked your memory (Mtest) and are you running intensive applications at time of crashes? I guess you could post up your CPU and case temps too.... more data is always good ;)
The video card is less than 3 months old so I hope thats not it. I have no idea how to test my Ram (what is mtest)

The crashes occur whenever, sometimes just by clicking on a link in IE. How does one go about getting cpu and case temps?
Do the two following steps to make troubleshooting possible. The restarts can literally be anything (my worst nightmare was a PCI Sound card, took 6 months to isolate it).

1)There is an option in bios under power manageemnt. Wording will vary but basically it says something like "restrat after a power failure" Disable that. Now if it was the power crapping out the system will go down and stay down.

and from windows help:

The next will let you see the blue screen of death. Post what it says in here for more help. Uncheck the Automatic restart options.
2). To specify what Windows does if the system stops unexpectedly:

You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group in order to complete this procedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings may also prevent you from completing this procedure.

Open System in Control Panel.
On the Advanced tab, under Startup and Recovery, click Settings.
Under System Failure, select the check boxes that correspond to the actions you want Windows to perform if a Stop error occurs:
Write an event to the system log specifies that event information will be recorded in the system log.
Send an administrative alert specifies that your system administrator will be notified.
Automatically reboot specifies that Windows will automatically restart your computer.
Under Write Debugging Information, choose the type of information you want Windows to record when the system stops unexpectedly:
Small Memory Dump records the smallest amount of information that will help identify the problem. This option requires a paging file of at least 2 MB on the boot volume of your computer and specifies that Windows will create a new file each time the system stops unexpectedly. A history of these files is stored in the directory listed under Small Dump Directory.
Kernel Memory Dump records only kernel memory, which speeds up the process of recording information in a log when the system stops unexpectedly. Depending on the amount of RAM in your computer, you must have 50 MB to 800 MB available for the paging file on the boot volume. The file is stored in the directory listed under Dump File.
Complete Memory Dump records the entire contents of system memory when the system stops unexpectedly. If you choose this option you must have a paging file on the boot volume large enough to hold all of the physical RAM plus one megabyte (MB). The file is stored in the directory listed under Dump File.

To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click System.
You must have at least a 2-MB paging file on the computer's boot volume if you select Write an event to the system log or Send an administrative alert.
If you choose either Kernel Memory Dump or Complete Memory Dump and select the Overwrite any existing file check box, Windows always writes to the same file name. To save individual dump files, clear the Overwrite any existing file check box and change the file name after each Stop error.
You can save some memory if you clear the Write an event to the system log and Send an administrative alert check boxes. The memory saved depends on the computer, but typically about 60 KB to 70 KB are required by these features.
I set the startup/recovery options like you said to & the bios setting is already set correct. I guess now I just wait for an error.
BouncingSoul said:
... I guess now I just wait for an error.
well that is up to you - if you want to test memory XP has it's own little tool built in somewhere (I forget) or you could go here and you can google more up easy.

For temperatures you should be able to read from the BIOS screen what information may be available (depends on mobo sensors etc). Then I would recommend MBM which you might want to look into here

Have fun and do not feel BSOD needs reformat - if it is something like RAM or bad card reformatting will not make any difference! :cool:
I got MBM ... but I can't remember what my board is. All I know is that its a Gigabyte, is there anyway to find out the model of board?
nevermind my last post. I got it. Anyway. I don't know what a good temp is but its showing cpu at -115F and case at 179F. I can tell ya it doesn't feel that warm but whatever.
I got the stop error.

It says:

Win32k.sys address bf87393b Base At BK800000, Date Stamp 3f73195d

Whats up with that?
I've gotten 6 more stop error in the last 10 minutes, all while trying to post this update. Anyway, MemTest says I have faulty Ram and it should be replaced. It found 6 errors in 275 cycles with over 300% coverage. So I guess this answers my question on the crashes, what I'm wondering now is how I should approach the replacement. I have 3 sticks totalling 768 megs of pc3200 ram. Should I just replace it all or is there a way to check which stick is messed up?
put in one stick, start up your computer, see if it still crashes, or run a mem test on it.

then go to the next stick and try that one. Repeat until you find the faulty stick.
Find out if it's one stick or all three. If it is one you could just replace or warantee it.


PC3200 RAM is finicky. Try reducing the timing settings in Bios. There are 4 of them. Some BIOS only give you one or 2 to adjust manually some all 4.

The safe first choice would be to see if the bios memory timings are set to "aggressive, Turbo, or whatever your brand calls it". If it is, reset it to "default, optimum, or whatever else it calls the relaxed settings". Rerun the memory test and see how it does.

You can also set some or all of the settings manually. Try RAS of 8 or 9 if its available and refresh wait state to 3.0. Do not set the settings faster (smaller numbers)! That can result in being unable to boot at all. If you can't boot you have to do a CMOS reset which carries a risk of erasing your bios (not recoverable!) if done improperly.
I'm so depressed right now. I got up this morning and checked everyones responses (on my roommates computer) they all seem good and I thank you all for your time. Next I went back into my room and fired up the old PC. The can hear the fans spin, I can hear the drives working and all the lights on the keyboard come on. My monitor however doesn't turn on. I open up the case, and have a look around. Than fire it back up. Still nothing from the monitor. I swap out the ram, still nothing, I try different slots, still nothing. I start to figure its got to be the monitor, so I try my roommates. Guess what, NOTHING. I get out my old GeForce4MX (what a POS) and try that one. More of the same. At this point I'm in nearly in tears as this system is only 14 months old and just started acting up the past few days. I guess the only thing I can do is take it all apart and see if I see anything than put it back together and hope for the best. If I still can't get it I guess I'm going to go punish my credit card and build a new system. I have no idea what is wrong and I'm hoping someone out there has at least a clue. Let me know ASAP if you do.

what do you mean by your monitor not lighting up? its the status light on the monitor green or amber? if its green, something is odd, maybe the graphics card... if its amber, i tink it could be your bios is fried or the ram died? any beep code error messages?
If the monitor is fried it would not boot up. You would get beeping from the case. Weird. :(
I don't get any beeps and the monitor light stays amber. I took it too a tech support group in town, probably get charged an arm and leg but if it works again than I can't complain.
Heres the verdict:

PS fried my MoBo. So I guess I'm going shopping. Still not sure what to buy. Might just say f*** it and go amd64. They are some how cheaper than a P4 @3ghz.

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