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15 Sep 2003
I was digging through some boxes and came across some old processors. Here's a list:

Intel DX4 486 Chip
AMD Am5x86 P75
AMD K5 PR100
Intel Pentium 75mhz (Goldtop)
Intel Pentium 133
Intel Pentium i166
Intel Pentium i200
Pentium II chip: 350mhz
Intel Celeron 433mhz
AMD K6 300mhz
AMD K6-2 500mhz
AMD Duron 600mhz
Intel Pentium III 933mhz
AMD Athlon 1.0ghz
Intel P4 1.5ghz
AMD Athlon XP 1800
Intel Celeron 2.0Ghz
Intel Celeron D (331) 2.66ghz (775) 256kb Cache 533FSB
Intel Pentium 4 (506) 2.66ghz (775) 1mb cache 533FSB

It's turned into just an overall collection of processors. Of course, My systems around the house include an Athlon XP 2500 Barton, AMD64 3200 Winchester, AMD Opteron 175, and a Pentium 4 3.4ghz (775)
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Isn't weird how we save MB's, old CPU's, video cards but not appliances or home entertainment equipment?

I have a similar junk box, except I finally threw out my 386/486 classs equipment. I do still have 5 1/2 inch floppy drives though and a voodoo 3 video card. :)
I am thinking of framing these chips with a short blurb about the chips, it's make date and all of that fun stuff.
I have a bare 500 MHz AMD K6-2 sitting in front of me on the desk right now. :)
My desktop server back home is actually a 550 MHz Pentium III that's still in great working condition, runs 24/7, and performs surprisingly well with enough RAM, given its age.
Oh, and an Intel Celeron 433 Processor. Plus I found that Intel PIII 933 mhz.
I still need to find a PII, an Athlon, ummm.... I do have an AMD64 939 here, but it's in use, and I do have a P4HT 478 chip in use.

Still need to see what else I can dig up.
My IBM server is a P3 600MHz and my gateway machine is the same as well. I also have a 486 and a Pentium 1 sitting around that I cracked the cover off to expose the actual CPU inside. :)
Do you know how ironic this is?
I just listed to old crappy PII processors on ebay :)
1 penny each :)
Sheps, I like your idea. I bet that would look neat. I'd like to see photos when it is completed.
Thanks. I think it will look nice if I can do it the way that I want too. I will have to find some frames big enough. I just dug up another Athlon XP, but still no Athlon available.
It's more along the lines of I would like to just have a history of chips.
I finally found someone that is sending me an Athlon 1.0ghz and a Duron 650mhz.

Now I just need a 486, a Sempron, and of course, newer processors.

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