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Just a little overpriced:p


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My word, that doesn't look right at all. I have a sneaky feeling that they don't have any stock, so they just upp the price to stop people from buying it (in the mean time, they get bragging rights!). Could be wrong of course, but it's still quite a lot for a flash memory card :)


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Damn, I thought it was one of those rare things that were jst recently released on the market, hence the high price. Should've researched more :nervous:


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sraycoz said:
haha manage if the acually got someone to buy it set them up for awhile lol .
Go ahead and laugh, but I actually bought one of those from that site because I thought there was something amazing about it. I didn't realize at the time that it was actually overpriced, so I'm going to try and send it back. It's supposed to come in on Tuesday, so maybe I'll call the company tomorrow and see if I can get a refund. I'll even do half if they let me... at least I'll get $5,000 back. :(

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