June 2009 Desktop Thread

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31 Mar 2002
Alllllrittythen, here we go.

June 2009 Desktop Screenshots

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Let the mayhem begin. :D
O.K. Yes it's still Vista Ultimate. :D

Wallpaper, "Macaw in Flight" 1280x800

Dock App., "Rocket Dock"

Icons, default icons and some various others.

Dock Icons, Various PNGs

Vista Sidebar Gadgets, "All CPU Meter", "Digital Dutch Clock" and "Wireless Network"


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i didn't know u have the same name as me!

cool wall btw (and the dock icons too)
haha :D

well, i like urs andy.. basic cool :]
That's a lot of dock icons :eek:

I don't use a dock anymore with Windows 7 ;)

Will post my screens when I get home.
Yeah, Mostly due to the browsers and the things I use at work. Otherwise there would no more than 6. But it's nice ta have' em handy.
I just use shortcuts hidden away in a folder from the Desktop toolbar :D

Another relatively simply update.

I am soo impressed that Nads is still using Vista ... Just in time for seven to come out lol ..
Mine... Who needs a doc... :) Andy style!


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how do you center the icons in the taskbar ?
how do you center the icons in the taskbar ?
unlock the taskbar, make a new toolbar in that points to an empty folder, and move it to the left of the win7 "superbar". Now you can adjust the "superbar" to be where u want it
Mine is really very simple.


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Another one running meteo fusion(weather) and cd art display.
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