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June 2005 Desktop Screenshots

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God you lot, asleep at the wheel :p

Anyway its june and heres my desktop at work:

Wall: Celestia BY LadyRapid (Deviant Art)
VS: LunarElements 3

I'll udpate the post with my home desktop in the morning.

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Re: June Desktops

Nice WP :D

Either the duck is walking on water or being evil to a buddy and trying to scare him out of his feathers :D


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Re: June Desktops

New desktop in preparation for a new ride. :)

VS: System4
WP: 2004 Subaru WRC car
Icons: Gant2
WA Skin: MMD3
Other: LClock



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Re: June 2005 Desktops

Simple but nice... I think so anyway. :)

*Wallpaper: Can't Sleep by Vladstudio
*Theme: ThunderStorm by Pixtudio
*Theme Program: WindowBlinds 4.5
*Icons: FOOODS iCandy Junior, Simple Icons 3 & 4 for XP and Noia for XP
*System Info: SysMetrix 3.3.1

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Re: June 2005 Desktops


VS-LE 3.05
Wall-Torn by Capital18
Avedesk with shortcuts showing text and magnifies when hovered over
Icons-iCandy jr.
Konfabulator for weather and picture frame\Winamp CD-Case by Carlospr.
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