jumpy sound


9 Nov 2002
im not entirely sure whats going with my onboard audio. for a while, it was making grinding noises over the top of whatever the output was (ie. songs etc) and after fixing my cpu (http://www.ntfs.org/forum/showthread.php?t=194) it seems to have stopped, but now the sound is jumpy, like a cd player skipping over and over and over.

any idea whats causing this? its onboard 5.1 surround, i have a spare audio card that im going to try, but i want to use the onboard audio. i reinstalled the motherboard AND audio drivers but that doesnt seem to have helped.
how good is the sound card? my mates got an onboard card and its totally **** stuttering all the time but its actually the hardware.. if not try some different drivers.

i g2g out if u cant fix it al look into it more later

its a good motherboard, and it was working without jumping before.
seems to have stopped. i installed my other sound card, and now it doesnt jump, even though im not using my other sound card.

odd, but hurrah.
To to control panel> sound Properties and turn the hardware acceleration down
try going to the device manager and "removing" the sound card, then reboot, it should pick the drivers back up again, it might work better after that, its fixed a mates gfx and network card in the past

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