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JumpDrive Problem

This is my problem in fact I can fix it by a reboot but at this point I really can't reboot my computer (in the middle of something). I unplug my scanner from the usb port and plug the Lexar Jump Drive into the USB slot.. Windows isn't picking it up. I've tried the Jump Drive in 3 others computers and it was detected. I even tried scanning for "Hardware Changes" no luck. If I plug the scanner back into the port it works great. So my question is how do I get the USB to recognize a new component without rebooting? :dead:


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Well the problem is, is that your switching between a static device and active storage device, and WinXP really doesn't like that. What you need to be able to do is to setup the scanner as a removable device so you have the "remove hardware" option in the system tray. Now as to how you force that, I don't know.

The other option would be to get a cheap 4 port PCI USB 2.0 card so that your jump drive and your scanner don't have to fight over 1 USB port.


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First off, most computers manufactured today have at least 2 USB ports. Isn't there another one available? Next, it would appear that the driver your scanner is using is completely taking over the port, which is an obvious problem for a hot swappable device port.

Suggested solutions:
1. Look for an updated driver for your scanner that wont completely take over the port.
2. Plug the jumpdrive into another available USB port. ( Probably on the back of your system, next to the keyboard and mouse ports )
3. Buy a USB hub which will turn a single USB port into 4 USB ports, thus allowing you to plug your jumpdrive in without having to unplug any other devices. ( this could be plugged into your OTHER USB port which is more than likely on the back of your system )

Hope this helps,
Thanks Mav and Chipher,

I have a total of 5 USB ports. 1 upfront (where I use to plug the Scanner in) and 4 in back. My Mouse, Printer, and Scan Disc card reader occupy 3 out of those 4. Now the scanner occupies the 4th and the front one is open. I did try to plug the JD in one of the back ones but it is a bit wide and hits the other USB cables.

It really isn't that big of a deal... Thought there might be a way around rebooting.
You're not going to believe this... I just witness a miricle :) J/K... Well I was sitting here doing some work and the next thing on my taskbar the little bubble pop up stating that it found the Jumpdrive... talk about lag :) The jump drive been plug in that port since about 10:30 est and here it is 12:40..

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