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Jump from Geforce4 Ti 4600 to 6800

Hi guy's, need some input! I am currently running the Ti 4600 128mb, I play UT online primarily, but also UT2k4 and Doom3(with some performance issues), hence the need to upgrade.

Here's the question, since my current card is a Ti 4600 and I'm a bit hesitant on spending $399US on a BFG 6800GT OC, would simply jumping to a BFG 6800 OC($299US) be suffienct?

Would not the benefits be like night and day by comparison to my current Ti 4600 or am I kidding myself? :)

Any input would be appreciated :)

Thx ahead!

P.S. the new card is going into a new PC, Athlon64 3500+, OCZ 1gb ram, set of WD 10,000rpm 32gb hdd, gigabyte k8nsnxp-939 mobo, etc.


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thats not a bad upgrade... alternatively even an upgrade to a 6600GT is not a bad idea given the performance of this card compared to the other products when it is overclocked..

the 6800 OC is a fine product and as other components hit the market (ie x700 series, more availability of current products) prices should also come down...

the 6800GT has more pipelines and hence is going to play better in high LOD situations... better than the 6800/OC or any 6600 variants...

there will be a tremendous improvement in overall performance and IQ :)

the 9700pro was 1.5x-2x better than the gf4 ti series... the new gen of cards out is generally 1.5-2x better in some situations compared to the 9700pro... more than 3x in others...
The issue with me is the bottom $. I've come to appreciate the excellent advantages of a 6800gt by it's self.

But since I'm upgrading from a 4600 Ti, and as you commented on that "thats not a bad upgrade..." then I wouldn't neccessarily be missing anything that I haven't experienced by not going to a GT version.

I normally play online, and my settings are set for performance(low overhead) so I play at 800x600 with low gore, etc.

Since most of the features will be set to low then it would be kind of a waste to buy a GT. No?

Looking forward :)


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well here's how I look @ it :)

if I have the opportunity to play a game with high levels of AA and AF enabled.. I would never not utilise it...

once you actually start playing with AA and AF enabled to high levels you will see what I am talking about...

currently only on far cry and d3 can i not use any filtering (d3 high quality by default uses 8x AF but no AA... allow application preference to be enabled)

in all other games the quality just jumps when you don't deal with jaggies and when distant objects are being rendered clearly...

if money is an issue than a slightly lesser card will suit your needs... you will be giving up better LOD @ high res for better performance/cost ratio...

that is not a problem @ all and you can still play the game with AA and AF enabled @ lower resolutions (say 10x7) and it should be similar for MP or you can turn down effects for MP...

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