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July 4th

Perris Calderon

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This year has brought to us, and the people that we know, a new adversity, ...since September eleventh, everything has changed, hasn't it?

These have become the new days of the rest of our lives, and we have now joined our brothers, and our sisters, around the world, in everyday anticipation, at what might happen to those that we love, or care about, on this day, or tomorrow, or the next day.

Yes, I remember the day that Kennedy died...
And I remember the day that Martin Luther died...
I remember all the days that people that I loved have died...

But the day in the middle of September, will live in the marrow of my soul, all the waking, and sleeping moments, for the rest of my time.


...go out, and love your country today...your country loves you


My country doesn't love me (England) and I wish I was in America.



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Really touching words dealer, let’s hope our leaders have the strength and conviction to finish the task at hand, making this world a safer place for us all to live in. Now let’s get things wrapped up in Afghanistan and finish off the world’s greatest threat Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.
God bless us all
Originally posted by NegativeFactor
My country doesn't love me (England) and I wish I was in America.
Of course your country loves you, we dont show it cause we're British land of the stiff upper lip. Now stop whining and get a grip of yourself.



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Very touching and meaningful, a perfect illustration of the American Spirit...Thank you...:) Hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th...God Bless America!!:D


my country doth not love me so i piss upon it. Ok i just refuse to be patriotic no point most patriotic people in UK are blind as civilisation shall colapce soon like the romans or greeks
Everything has not changed since September 11th only people’s conceptions have changed. The destruction of the twin towers by suicide maniacs can't be planned for (advance measures taken to stop this kind of thing) as they impede in our hard fought for freedoms, which your fathers and grandfathers fought and died for. This is in essence a conundrum, and it’s this that’s difficult to resolve without draconian measures like Orwell predicted.

If you want to live in a free society (Western World) then occasionally this is the price we all have to pay.

Don’t give in to terrorists, fight for what you believe in, help others where you can (like this forum), don’t be afraid of making a mistake or two, be happy in the face of adversity but keep you eyes and ears open.

On a lighter note happy Independence Day to all out cousins in AMERICA.

Can’t seem to find my tea chest!


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