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The Voices Talk to Me
Well my Saitek 3D force joystick died today, and I need to get a new one to play FS9 (2004). So what is the best and most reliable on the market?


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Hmm , there are a few brands ... I personal consider Microsoftdevices as favorites but Thrustmaster joystick ( s ) are very nice .. depends also at what u wish to look .. which is the most important in this moment for this type of " hardware "
You really need to drive a joystick to find out if you like it.

My personal favorite is the Logitech 3D. It has a weighted base so it doesn't go flying around when I get excited and the price and constrruction quality is right. They last 10-12 months gaming aggressively 4 hours a night. Lots longer now that I found out what carpel tunnel syndrome is... :eek:

Look at how well the stick is made. Some of the brands are so flimsy it's pathetic. The MS and Saitek look well built also.


The Voices Talk to Me
Well I took your advice and whent to bestbuy and fell in love with the logictech 2.4 GHZ wireless. It doesn't have forcefeed back but the precision is awesome. Although I do hear a clicking in my 2.4 GHZ cordless phone now :( LOL But it is not serious. But this joystick rocks! And I have to say with what little I ahve used it it is a must for serious flight simers.
LOL, As I was working my way down this thread, I was gonna recommend the logitech 2.4 cordless as well. But it seems you already have it so Ill just say congratulations instead. It really is a nice stick. Best Ive ever used.

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