Joystick for unreal tournament



I have a force feedback avb top shot joystick and i realy want to use it for unreal tournament.

I have selected joystick in the pref window but it doesn't work the mouse and keyboard still control it !!!

Please Help !


It is for your own good ...

I remember my early days in gaming when Quake 2 was king & my analogue game-pad was to be my secret weapon of destruction .
Alas within minutes of playing on line I found that the lack of speed / accuracy the little plucker gave me resulted in much frustration / sorrow. Take it from Sony m8 when they recommend that PS2 owners use a Sony mouse to "enhance" Half Life you know the game-pad should be left in the sock draw.


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8 Dec 2001
I remember the good all days of Duke Nuke 3D. I used my joystick and got my a$$ kicked. I tried Q2 that way, and relized how much of an edge the other players using the mouse had over me. I finally switched to the mouse and started to own servers (Pat myself on the back) I was playing on. I now only use my FF Joystick for Flight Sims. I suggest sticking withmouse.


Well actually I have a Sony ps2 controller hooked up to my computer and I think that it is really good for playing FPS, a joystick would suck majorly with FPS but a joypad is great, especially as the ps2 is analog and most games can cope with analog so movement is a lot more responsive and natural with a joypad than it is with a keyboard..

my 2 cents:D


urggh, don't get me started with racing games, I'll admit that the ps2 controller is very sensitive and you have to tweak the deadzones pretty accuractly or you'll find you're doing 180's when you only wanted to turn slightly to the left or something..
But other than that the Ps2 Controller is Really good... I had a friend and me playing AVP2 (Good Game) and i was playing as Marine and so was my friend and he is a REALLY good sniper and with the analog joypad he had a very hard time hitting me becuase of the way i was moving with the game pad..

Bottom line is this: if you like using a ps2 controller and don't like the keyboard that much then it's a good thing. It also breaks away from the norm with strafing and walking, the moves have the potential for more erratic dodging..
so that's all right

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