[Joke] The Penis, Cucumber and Pickled Onion!



There's a penis, a cucumber, and a pickled onion are all bemoaning their lives. The cucumber says, "Man, I've got it bad- I'm made to wait in a cold box for days, then I'm chopped up and eaten".
"Nooooooo," says the pickled onion, "I've got it worse, I'm sealed in a jar, covered in vinegar and left to soak for weeks at a time."
The penis steps up, "Listen guys, I've got it worst of all- first I'm shoved head first into a plastic bag, thrust into a dark smelly wet room, and made to do push-ups till I throw up and pass out."

Thanks to Splinter666


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Lack of air due to plastic bag. First gets queezy from the rapid movement and throws up... then no air. :p


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I have been to this thread about 7 times in the past two days and i keep reading the joke and it still makes me laugh :p